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Our focus is customer service by going through any obstacles in acquiring the parts and at a reasonable price. We try to always stock what a customer needs so it’s available easily.

OEM versus Aftermarket Parts

Before you actually source and buy a new part for your vehicle, you’ll be confronted with a decision. You can buy an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part sold by the company that manufactured your vehicle, or you can purchase an aftermarkets part sold from another supplier.

Yet even with a different manufacturer, the part fits and performs exactly as the original one.You might think to yourself: Wouldn’t it be wise to get a replacement part actually made by the original manufacturer? But that’s one of the most widespread misconceptions. Even with OEM companies, many parts are sourced from other manufacturers with the expertise and engineering resources to do it better. It makes perfect sense. No one company can do everything, so they rely on others with specialized knowledge. Depending on the product in question, some OEM products may come off the same assembly line as aftermarket counterparts.

OEM products are high quality, but many aftermarket products offer just as good fit and performance. However, original equipment manufacturers invest a lot of money in marketing their products and have a network of dealerships that are committed to using them. OEMs work hard to promote a perception of superiority for their products because replacement parts are a lucrative source of revenue for them. Some people even try to perpetuate a myth that using aftermarket parts will void your vehicle warranty, but that is generally untrue.

What’s the benefit for Aftermarket Products?

The biggest benefit of aftermarket products is that they often cost less than OEM versions, sometimes significantly less. Aftermarket products sell for up to 50% less than OEM ones. Savings, of course, brings up the question of quality. Afterall, buying a replacement part is no bargain if it doesn’t fit or work as well. With many OEM products, you’re simply paying more for the name. Others agree that aftermarket replacement parts are high quality. Many independent repair shops rely heavily on aftermarket products for value and performance. Independent shops must turn out quality work at a competitive price or they will soon be out of business. Mechanics are good judges of quality, and aftermarket products pass the test.

Your Choice: OEM or Aftermarket

Ultimately, the choice to buy OEM or aftermarket parts rests with you. Just know that thousands of people choose the aftermarket option every day. They receive a reliable replacement part at a lower price than many OEM parts. Aftermarket parts are helping drive vehicles across the world every day.

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